Land Subdivision

dedication | ˌdediˈkā sh ən |


1 the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose : his dedication to his duties.

LEFTA undertook an investigation into the site attributes and constraints of a 1,000 hectare property to develop a Masterplan for future subdivision development including feasibility analyses and report.

Key Issues:

  • Initial investigations into the site were to exclude Authority involvement and be undertaken under strict confidentiality requirements due to the sensitive location of the site
  • Investigations were undertaken in stages over a 2 year period during which time legislative controls can be amended and change the direction of certain components of the investigation and Masterplan
  • Obtaining Authority approvals for certain aspects of the investigations including Indigenous Cultural Heritage components
  • Ecological investigations occurred over various seasons to obtain relevant data
  • Substantial volume of data obtained that required distillation for appropriate Masterplanning and feasibility analyses to be prepared