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Property Development Strategy

LEFTA provides strategies for the delivery of property development projects. By preparing a property development strategy a project is afforded the best possible opportunity to succeed given the extended timeframes and multiple risk issues that confront property developers. Establishing a property development project correctly from the very outset is critical to a profitable outcome.

Property Development Consultancy

LEFTA provides property development consultancy services to assist property developers throughout the entire property development process. By utilising the services of LEFTA’s experienced team of property development experts, property development projects have substantially reduced risk profiles.

Property Development Advisory

LEFTA provides property development advisory services to supplement clients that have some experience but require additional assistance at various stages of the property development process. LEFTA’s property development advisory services enable “on the job” training and the ability to resolve specific issues either prior to these arising or when they arise; enabling a project to proceed without delay.


LEFTA are property development strategists, consultants and advisors. Utilising knowledge, experience, innovative techniques, strategies and integrity, LEFTA provides its clients with outstanding property related solutions that unlock value, create business opportunities and transform property assets.

LEFTA also provides project recovery solutions for when things haven’t gone as planned. LEFTA utilises its broad experience in project recovery and dispute resolution to assist its clients resolve the unforeseen issues that occassionally eventuate.

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"We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us."

Winston Churchill

"The only source of knowledge is experience."

Albert Einstein

Everywhere we’ve been, we’ve LEFTA good impression!


LEFTA prides itself on adding value to its client’s with:

    • Experience (the knowledge or skill acquired by practical contact with and observation of facts or events over a period of time)
  • Knowledge (facts, information and skills acquired by a person through experience or education). Learn more


LEFTA is a multi-faceted property consultancy service that provides advice, support and resources to meet our clients’ property objectives.

Please refer to our Project & Development Services section which details these services.

Please refer to our Advisory Services section to discover the LEFTA Advantage. Learn more


LEFTA is a privately owned corporate property advisory firm established in 2006. Having evolved from the industry from that it serves, LEFTA was established to meet a demand for independent advice provided with integrity and honesty.

Since 2006 our clients have ranged from individual investors to ASX100 companies. Learn more.

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