Capability Statement

LEFTA Capability Statement

To view a brief video of our capability statement, please click here.

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Why you should leave your Christmas renovations to the experts

Call the doctor now and then make bookings with the physiotherapist and chiropractor; Christmas renovation time is coming. The weekend warriors will be out in force very soon, trying to do that long-awaited renovation whilst they have a few days...

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When the heats on it gets complex

Summer, heat and bushfires go together. And when they arrive they’re either bad or they’re catastrophic. As we enter into bushfire season yet again we must not lose sight of what happened this time last year. We must not become...

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Summer and the poor thermal efficiency of our homes

The heat will be on this summer and we’re going to be chugging through all that reliable coal fired energy in most parts of the country, but we don’t really need to, do we? All these arguments about coal, wind...

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Australia’s shrinking construction industry

Slowly but surely, the construction industry is shrinking. There are less cranes in the skyline and less development applications being submitted. Whilst government fast tracks the approval of large-scale projects, which should never take as long as they do to be...

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